Sigrist ColourPlus, Centec Rhotec & Sonatec

In-line turbidity measurements allow monitoring of the individual filtration steps. The combination of Hastelloy and sapphire in a seal-less design provides ultra-low maintenance with dependable readings. Turbidity measurement is done with colour compensation. Window fouling is monitored and compensated. Calibration is easily done using a secondary reference standard.

ICUMSA Measurement using Sigrist ColorPlus

The determination of the ICUMSA value is carried out with an absorption measurement at a wavelength of 420 nm, and a turbidity compensation at 700 nm. Together with the brix value (fixed or via density/refractometer), the measured values of the ICUMSA units are output via the control unit of the ColorPlus

Brix measurement using Centec Rhotec or Sonatec

The Brix Monitor is a variant of RHOTEC or SONATEC and offers the most accurate and reliable technology to determine Brix.

The RHOTEC uses density measurement where the liquid flows through a thin U-shaped tube inside the sensor.

The SONATEC uses sound velocity measurement of a sound pulse. Temperature variations in the sample are automatically compensated for by an internal Pt1000 sensor.

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